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Tell them it was part of the plan. A little gift from Encom.

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Be Prepared
Cheech Marin, Jeremy Irons, Jim Cummings & Whoopi Goldberg + 550 plays


Cheech Marin, Jeremy Irons, Jim Cummings & Whoopi Goldberg - The Lion King - Be Prepared

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001. I am in love with Disney. It is one of the major influences in my life and a huge part of my childhood. Walt as a man and Disney as a company will forever be my inspiration.

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Live Action Disney Casting | Aladdin | Freida Pinto

She is the daughter of the Sultan who has issued, by law, that she must choose a husband (a prince) to marry. She is a very spirited young woman with a mind of her own and yearns for freedom just like most teenage girls. She has a bottomless supply of willpower and is very clever. Headstrong, self-confident and full of vigour, Princess Jasmine is not afraid of adventure. In fact, she is a very curious and very brave young princess who wants to see the world just as it is, not cooped up in any sort of palace. Though rich and powerful, she does not give herself airs and wishes to live a simple life.

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I should not be laughing at this but i seriously laughed my fucking ass off
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Watching This Right Now.
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