New haircut.
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I got my hair cut again. I got a real mohawk this time! Sadly I think I’m getting my hairdresser’s cold though. I really hope not, but I’m going to stock up on tea, soup, and winter clothes so I can bundle up. 
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I feel kind of shitty when I turn down an opportunity to go to work when they call me in.

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System of a Down concert here I come! <3333

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10 things tag post

  1. My birthday is this sunday
  2. I will be 21
  3. I’ve had alcohol but I’m not too fond of it. I’ve never had enough to get drunk.
  4. I’ve never smoked weed
  5. I got a haircut today and its the shortest that its ever been.
  6. I’m not big into chickflicks or cute movies but give be an action flick or a Thriller and I will fall in love.
  7. I love doing anything creative be it drawing, graphics, or interior design. If I can customize it, I’ll try to do it.
  8. I’ve never had a proper boyfriend or been on a real date.
  9. I’m a virgin and proud of it.
  10. I want to adopt a kid someday.
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