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Teaser poster (via our friends at /Film)

Here you can really get a good sense of the work done by Kazuhiro Tsuji, the genius alchemist who designed the prosthetic makeup I wear in this movie.  What I love about acting is transforming into somebody else, and of course, physically having a different face helps.  Much credit also due to Jamie Kelman who applied the makeup every morning for three hours.
I really REALLY think you guys are gonna like this one.
btw, Rian Johnson, who wrote and directed this movie, (as well as Brick and The Brothers Bloom) has been running the LOOPERmovie tumblr himself.  Definitely worth following.
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Sir, I need that penis for other uses. Make sure u bring it back, thx.
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263/365 Joseph Gordon Levitt/Hit Record at Amoeba (Taken with Instagram at Amoeba Music)

This better not have been in Berkeley. If this was in Berkeley I am going to be PISSED that I was not there yesterday.
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